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Cultural Heritage Hellerau

People often do not realise that there is more to Dresden than ‘Baroque’. At the beginning of the 20th century, Dresden was at the centre of the modernist movement. Dresden-Hellerau, the garden city with its Festival Hall and the newly founded Deutsche Werkstätten became a laboratory for the ‘life reform movement’. Fritz Straub, Managing Partner of Deutsche Werkstätten, has endless admiration and esteem for what this group of pioneers achieved in Hellerau. What impresses him the most is their desire for change. It was their intention to make an impact on the way people live their lives; whether or not they made a living from their work was clearly secondary.

Fritz Straub is passionate about keeping this legacy alive. Since 2011 Deutsche Werkstätten have joined forces with various partners in the region to campaign for Dresden-Hellerau to be officially listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The whole world should know about Hellerau, especially when you consider that this particular heritage is still very much alive today.

Aerial view of Deutsche Werkstätten © Photo: J M Schulter