Tobias Kandt

The man for creative solutions

Tobias Kandt has earnt the reputation of being a ‘problem solver’. He can look at the most complex situations, analyse them and come up with a creative solution. Having trained as a cabinet maker and master craftsman with further qualifications in wood technology and design, Tobias Kandt joined Deutsche Werkstätten in 2006. He remembers his first project, the T-Gallery in Bonn, as a good indication of things to come. The materials and forms were extremely complex. His current title ‘Product Developer’ is somewhat misleading, given that Deutsche Werkstätten takes pride in delivering one-off, bespoke solutions. One of the rare exceptions was the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bar (a mobile bar unit), developed by Tobias Kandt in 2011 on the basis of a design by Porsche Design, for the presentation of the whiskey ‘Johnnie Walker Blue Label’. On this occasion 18 pieces were produced. As a product developer, Tobias is able to transform an exquisite design concept from paper into reality. With a clear goal in mind, he will work through a task and find a solution (often inventive and always creative!) which requires careful selection of the most appropriate materials and technologies, and bringing in external expertise when necessary.

After working on a number of projects across the globe, from London to Shanghai, Tobias now focuses most of his attention on yacht interiors and furnishings, for these are the projects which require exceptional solutions to exceptional requests, pushing the boundaries of design and technology.  He is currently particularly interested in organic forms: finding an economically viable solution to produce multiple curved shapes. Just one of the unusual tasks that keep coming his way.