3-D-Bearbeitung eines Einbauelements im Projekt Bibliothek London, 2012, © Deutsche Werkstätten

One of a kind

The notion of luxury is relative if you consider how today’s markets are literally flooded with so-called exclusive goods. The terms exclusive or luxury have lost their value. Even high-end manufacturers developing something new cannot afford to limit their production to a single piece. They have little choice but to produce a small ‘series’. For Jan Jacobsen true luxury lies in a hand-crafted product. Having something custom built, made to measure and satisfying personal requirements, is the ultimate luxury. There is no better way to guarantee originality and exclusiveness. At Deutsche Werkstätten two thirds of the production process continues to be completed by hand. Of course, they have the support of state-of-the-art machines and software applications, but in the production of bespoke, unique products there is no alternative to hand finishing. Special solutions require special manufacturing processes. Interior designers, particularly those working in the yacht industry, will go to extreme lengths to propose something that has never been seen before.

The production and installation of such unique interiors or unique pieces of furniture would be impossible without the exceptional skills of DW craftsmen. Producing special finishes, for instance, is an area in which Deutsche Werkstätten has proven expertise and know-how. The ‘finishes’ are not only works of art, they are the result of intensive research, testing for durability and climate resistance, for example, and developed in such a way that they can be reproduced in case of damage or renovation work in the future. Working on a singular, unique piece is an emotional commitment for all those involved. This extraordinary level of dedication and the company spirit that evolves can best be felt on the production floor in Dresden. Many clients take up the invitation to come to Hellerau and take a look for themselves.

Library table in 3D organic forms inspired by Gaudi © Photo: PR DW/Sven Doering