Ronny Neumann

After 10 years with a German corporate wholesale firm, Ronny Neumann made a conscious decision to change environment and moved away from the big outfit to join a medium sized manufacturer of painting tools. As the company subsequently expanded both nationally and internationally this proved to be an excellent ‘training ground’. Ronny Neumann has since been able to apply this valuable know-how in his new position as head of procurement at Deutsche Werkstätten. It was a family decision to move back to Dresden as both he and his wife work full time and needed a functioning family support infrastructure to continue doing just that.

“When both parents work, family support is a great help.”

Deutsche Werkstätten was exactly the kind of employer he had been looking for and more!

“It is not only the projects that are interesting at Deutsche Werkstätten. The company is open-minded and there is a sense of international flair.” He is thrilled with DW’s approach to business, in particular the relationship they have with their suppliers, which is unlike anything he has ever seen before. Deutsche Werkstätten takes pride in forging partnerships with their suppliers and cultivates relationships that are based on more than just the financial aspects.