Irina Pauls

Choreography made in Deutsche Werkstätten?

Irina Pauls in our workshop

About half a year ago, we received an inquiry from the European Center for the Arts HELLERAU, asking us whether we would like to be Residence Partners in the "Dance Pact". Residency in this case means that we are the place where a part of the project is carried out. Since the project is about a digital future and our life in it, we agreed.

© Photo: Jana Mila Lippitz / TANZPAKT Dresden

Irina Pauls in the workshop of the Deutsche Werkstätten, © Photo: Jana Mila Lippitz / TANZPAKT Dresden

After a kind of speed-dating of different Dresden institutions (beside us the Technical University of Dresden and many others) with different choreographers*, it turned out after some conversations that Irina Pauls' project suits us best. She found us exciting, we found her exciting, and so a work in our production was agreed upon in May.


The core of the project is the preoccupation with radically changing work processes. What role does the human body play in the workspace today and in the technologies of the future? As the second project partner, the Technical University of Dresden is being observed with a research project on the topic - because that's what Irina Pauls did for 14 days at our company. She stood behind and next to the carpenters, asked questions, sketched and now transformed the findings into a form of artistic expression. A presentation at the company is also planned at the moment. We are curious about the results and will report on them here.

Irina Pauls