Exhibition Werner Schellenberg: Growth and Decay

Ausstellung Werner Schellenberg

Werden und Vergehen - ein Thema

Duration of Exhibition: 28 July 2022 to 11 November 2022

With a representative selection of pictures, the exhibition outlines essential phases of the work of the artist Werner Schellenberg as well as techniques he explored. The exhibition presents paintings and other works on paper. Astonishingly contrasting compositions of multi-layered paintings are juxtaposed with form-conscious drawings that concentrate on the quintessence: a world of images charged with energy and emotion.

Werner Schellenberg maintained his passion for painting and drawing to the very end, even when serious health problems limited his creative possibilities. His fascinating artistic imagery, which testifies a remarkable mastery, was formed through his deliberation with art especially that of the 20th century. He transformed profusion and amorphousness into constructive structures.

Copyright Text: Maria Ilona Schellenberg

Impressions of the Exhibition

Photos/Copyright: Lothar Sprenger

Exhibition Werner Schellenberg: Growth and Decay