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Developing intelligent solutions

How far can the company go? What are the limits? Fritz Straub is convinced the time is rife to embark on new journeys and explore a whole new universe. “We are ready to apply our know-how to far greater and more complex constellations.” In his view Deutsche Werkstätten, which already has extensive experience of testing new systems, has the potential to develop intelligent design systems for a range of users in the industry.  Straub points to a recent residential project in Switzerland. In this case DW was able to completely re-think the ‘design and build’ process and successfully developed a system that can now be applied to other, large-scale projects.

In fact, he even considers the possibility of DW one day operating its own software business. Of course, this would be with its own select character, built on the trial and successful implementation of systems developed for unique interior fitouts (whether residence or yacht).

Private residence © Photo: soenne.com © Interior Design ka klein associates KG