Deutsche Werkstätten stands out as a company that has the self-confidence to live by its principles.

Honesty, respect for the law, contract compliance, decency and transparency are all values that the company strives to uphold, at all times. The term ‘honorable merchant’ may seem antiquated to some but Claudia Thiemer, Head of Finance at Deutsche Werkstätten, does not hesitate to use it to describe the company’s business attitude.

The decision to collaborate - or not - with a specific partner or client is a deliberate decision and not one that can easily be influenced by possible financial gain. Instead the deciding factors are based on shared principles in the joint pursuit of quality all over the world. “On a personal level, I experience this exceptional approach in the relationship we develop with our clients. Keeping the focus on the client experience, rather than the financial result and in particular client satisfaction, is something Fritz Straub has always promoted within this company.”