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The Campus

Deutsche Werkstätten continues to grow. The latest addition is the development of the so-called ‘Campus’ to be built next to the company’s historical headquarters, designed by Richard Riemerschmid (1868-1957). The plan is to create new spaces to house a number of business units, a small museum show-casing the history of the company and, most significantly, it should be home to the Academy, or ‘school’ as Fritz Straub prefers to call it, designed to provide a learning environment for the induction of new employees  and training facilities for company staff. Silke Schuster, who has been working as Fritz Straub’s assistant since 1982, looks forward to the company having its very own ‘school’. Like many of her colleagues she has been with Deutsche Werkstätten for decades, growing and developing with the company and totally embracing the spirit of Hellerau. She is convinced that this new training facility will help immensely, particularly with the induction of new employees.

The challenge for the Academy will be to convey the company’s very special standing and unique history. As Silke Schuster explains “Without understanding the history of the company it is impossible to relate to the spirit that we live at DWH”. She is very happy with the way the company is developing and is sure that Karl Schmidt and Richard Riemerschmid would approve if they could see what was going on!

Deutsche Werkstätten Campus in the design phase © Deutsche Werkstätten/caruso st john architects