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The Academy

In pursuit of excellence, Deutsche Werkstätten has developed its very own quality concept. The focus is clearly on client satisfaction, rather than on maximizing profits. The owner Fritz Straub has often asked himself whether this is a concept that others could, or indeed should, learn from.  And it was while reflecting on how best to convey the unique spirit of Hellerau, that the idea emerged to create an Academy. A ‘Deutsche Werkstätten School’ to train employees who are new to the company, or visitors who wish to immerse themselves in the legacy of Hellerau.

Deutsche Wekstätten has always attached great importance to both professional training and learning in general. Whilst many vocational training programmes are in place for employees, it is also possible to follow a less conventional path within the organisation; recently,  a ‘highly-qualified’ professional chose to spend a year in the workshop, keen to clear his thoughts and experience production on the shop floor before returning to his own area of expertise. The company benefits from a wide range of expertise and a highly skilled workforce, most of whom have been professionally trained in their specific craft, trade, or profession. Though many of its employees trained within the company, DW also values the experience and know-how new colleagues bring with them from a completely different field.

"I believe that in renewal processes the need for permanent learning is essential for survival."
Fritz Straub