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Special finishes

In the world of luxury yachts the designs can be as different as the owners themselves. While fulfilling the client’s wishes, designers do their best to create a distinctive style for each vessel. Often it is the choice of special finishes that define a unique and inimitable design. Udo Jaeschke, Project Manager at Deutsche Werkstätten, recalls how different it was in the past. “It used to be a case of putting a high-gloss finish on wood panelling with some mother of pearl or marquetry. Today, thanks to the vast array of natural materials on offer, tobacco leaves combined with horn or fur, for example, the possibilities are never-ending and designers can let their imagination run wild.”

In the end only the results of feasibility testing in the lab can impose limits. When ideas come through from the designer, Deutsche Werkstätten test the proposed materials and document the results to assess the feasibility and propose an alternative, if necessary. In extremely rare cases they may concede that it is impossible. Although it is sometimes hard to keep track of new developments, Udo admits that he enjoys the variety of the finishes they now produce.

It all starts with raw surfaces © Photo: PR DW/ T. Kandt

Udo Jaeschke: “Each surface is different and requires its own testing and special treatment. The result is often a compromise between aesthetic and technical requirements.”

Platinum surface © PR DW/Anja Wippich
Urushi Lacquer © Photo: PR DW
Leather finish, © Photo: PR Deutsche Werkstätten
High-gloss finish, © Photo: PR Deutsche Werkstätten