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Pushing boundaries

When it comes to contemporary yacht interiors, there is a sense of competition between what is imaginable and what is technically feasible. Torsten Thiemer, Project Manager at Deutsche Werkstätten, has come to the conclusion that the quest to build the best yachts in the world, has brought yacht interiors to new levels of artistic and technical mastery.
“There is no such thing as a simple wall panel anymore. Instead, there is always some marquetry or a metal frame around it. A high gloss finish has become standard, applied, of course, with an exclusive wood stain.”

The use of etched and polished glass, back-lit onyx or technical details such as a purpose-built cinema seat, which took two years to develop, have become normal". A dazzling array of materials combined with more complex details. The challenge for Deutsche Werkstätten is to accommodate all these features in a comparatively small space. The projects are both long and elaborate. At the upper end of the spectrum there are no limits.


Home cinema, private residence, Germany © Photo: Frank Herfort