Art at our place of work

Recently we received the sad news that Axel Anklam has died. This important for us because we live with the work of the Berlin sculptor as well as with that of many other artists. Anklam's impressive metal sculpture PHOS stands in front of our company building in Hellerau.

Our own gallery, the ‘Werkstättengalerie’ has been around for about thirty years, and since then the company has acquired at least one work of art from almost every exhibition. This is how the permanent exhibition came into being. In office areas, breakrooms and meeting rooms, paintings, photographs, and sculptures are displayed everywhere. They come from nationally and internationally recognized representatives of the art world, including Lüder Baier, Jörn Kausch, Kai Schiemenz, Guy Toso, Werner Schellenberg, Bettina Krieg, Elisabeth Sonneck, Stefan Canham, Lorenz Estermann and Jan Muche.

Just like the Werkstättengalerie, this permanent art presentation shapes our perception; both are part of our everyday life. Its very existence as background noise means that art shapes our aesthetic development, stimulating questions and discussion. This broadens our horizons which in turn aids us in meeting project demands for which we have to transcend old boundaries.

Impressions of Werkstättengalerie

Copyright Photos: Lothar Sprenger/ Deutsche Werkstätten

Werkstättengalerie der Deutschen Werkstätten, Concerto Spaziale, 2018, Blick in den Ausstellungsbereich, © Gisela von Bruchhausen, © Foto Lothar Sprenger
Werkstättengalerie der Deutschen Werkstätten, Marking Time, 25 Jahre Werkstättengalerie, 2019, Blick in den Ausstellungsbereich, © ausstellende Künstler, © Foto Lothar Sprenger
Werkstättengalerie der Deutschen Werkstätten, Elisabeth Sonneck, Passaglia, 2016, Blick in den Ausstellungsbereich, © Elisabeth Sonneck, © Foto Lothar Sprenger