Dresden isst bunt

Interesting conversations at "Dresden is(s)t bunt"

Dresden is diverse, international and open-minded. This was demonstrated once again yesterday at the #'Dresden is(s)t bunt - a banquet for everyone' event in the city centre. We exchanged ideas with people from near and far alike whilst enjoying the sunshine at one of the approximately 270 tables in the middle of Augustus Bridge. There were many fascinating encounters and engaging conversations, music and dance.

We had the best view of the historical old town and a colourful selection of home-made dishes prepared by our employees. Many a guest was surprised at how international we are: A total of 450 people from twelve nations working for us. Most of them at our headquarters in Dresden-Hellerau, but some also work for us in their home countries such as Spain or China. With most of our projects being international, we are active worldwide anyway.

Of course, we enjoyed the conversations about our work, our more than 120-year connection to Dresden but, above all, about the lives of the guests who came to our table. This city is home to so many extraordinary people and we are proud to be part of it.

Photo: Cellex-Stiftung/ Anja Schneider
Dresden isst bunt