Blogger at the workbench

Blogger at the workbench

Friedrich Böhme gives insights into his carpenter training

How exactly does a training as a carpenter actually work? What projects can an apprentice work on and what special teaching content is there outside of his own workbench? Friedrich Böhme, carpenter apprentice at the Deutsche Werkstätten since summer 2019, answers these questions now on the blog

Photo: Friedrich Böhme at his workbench at the German Workshops (Copyright DW)


Friedrich Böhme, Tischler-Lehrling bei den Deutschen Werkstätten in Dresden-Hellerau arbeitet in der Lehrwerkstatt. Über seine Arbeit berichtet er ab sofort auf dem Tischler-Blog "Born2BeTischler". Foto: DW/Juliane Richter

Now the 23-year-old Friedrich Böhme is with it. Grown up near Meissen, he was able to develop his craftsmanship early on while expanding his parents' three-sided farm. Nevertheless, he was initially drawn to nearby Tharandt to study forestry. He did this for two years. "But I was actually more interested in processing the wood the whole time," he says.

Lehrwerkstatt Deutsche Werkstätten © Foto PR DWLehrwerkstatt Deutsche Werkstätten © Foto PR DW
Apprenticeship training Deutsche Werkstätten, © Photo PR DW

That's why he is now an apprentice at the Deutsche Werkstätten. Here, the instructor teaches him and the other eight first-year trainees the most important basics in their own training workshop before he will start working on the projects from the second year of training.



Friedrich now reports in small texts and above all with meaningful photos on the blog about what exactly he does in the production in Dresden-Hellerau or with which tricky wood tasks he also deals with at home. A good camera he has already organized by his grandfather - he used to be a photographer. And dealing with the right words also runs in the family, which consists of some actors and theater staff.  

The blog Born2BeTischler is constantly gaining new readers and was visited 26000 times last year. Another author is Paul Klotzsche - former apprentice of the Deutsche Werkstätten and current German Champion in carpentry and joinery.

Blogger at the workbench