3-D-Bearbeitung eines Einbauelements im Projekt Bibliothek London, 2012, © Deutsche Werkstätten
Land - based and sea - based interiors

Land-based and sea-based interiors

Deutsche Werkstätten produce top quality interiors, built to perfection. Whether they are constructed on solid ground, or, installed on a yacht for use out at sea, the interiors built at Deutsche Werkstätten are always produced to exceptional standards.

Over the years, Deutsche Werkstätten have acquired a great deal of know-how and expertise in the planning and implementation of extremely complex projects. In 1999, yacht interiors were added to their extensive portfolio. The level of skills and craftsmanship achieved in both architectural and yacht interior projects is extraordinary. Workmanship and finishes are flawless in both sectors. Of course, some design features differ significantly; with seemingly no limits to the imagination of yacht designers, the architectural projects tend to reflect more classic standards.

Another significant difference, though hard to see at first sight, is in the level of engineering and advanced technology required in yacht construction. Even the substructure of interior walls requires highly complex solutions. Not forgetting that everything on board a yacht must be resistant not only to the mechanical stress, but also to environmental factors, such as salt water and UV light.

When it comes to technical considerations DWH can always rely on the scientific support of its research and development team which is responsible for testing the feasibility of new or unusual materials before they are applied. Architectural projects present their own challenges, such as building sites all over the world, with changing teams and conditions. The secret of Deutsche Werkstätten is to think processes through, never losing sight of the desired outcome. In essence, they build from the inside out. The creation of high-quality interiors is best achieved within a high-quality structure. Which is why D&B is most effective when responsible for the whole process, from design and planning through to construction. In 2012, Deutsche Werkstätten was commissioned with its first private turn-key residence. With the full confidence of a longstanding client behind them, DW D&B took on board the whole package, from feasibility studies, planning and construction through to overall coordination and project management.

As well as providing the services to the highest possible standards, DW D&B demonstrated the advantages of a collaborative approach to construction. Incorporating all perspectives at an early stage with realistic and transparent budget calculations, builds trust and confidence among all parties and keeps the focus on quality.

Deutsche Werkstätten’s reputation for quality and exemplary processes combined with rigorous planning and fair and transparent calculation, has impressed many new customers. The steady rise in interest, required an increase in capacity and in 2020 the decision was made to move architectural projects to a new production site in Großröhrsdorf, just 30 minutes away from Dresden Hellerau. The team at the new site, which is responsible for planning, calculation and production, has almost doubled in size in recent months. The move also leaves more space for the yacht interior side of the business to expand in the company headquarters in Hellerau.

The DW group includes Deutsche Wekstätten Lebensräume (DWL), which contributes to both yacht interiors and architectural projects, with expertise in high-quality contract furniture and a network of suppliers that share the same high standards of quality and execution. DWL’s own projects range from interior design solutions for private clients to the concept and interiors for complete office floors, hotels, or public spaces. All business units at Deutsche Werkstätten pursue the same goal: to plan and create extraordinary interior spaces.  Once a project has been successfully completed and handed over, it is the turn of ‘Client Liaison’. Completely reliable, with a continued focus on quality and client satisfaction. To the lasting satisfaction of all involved.

Land - based and sea - based interiors