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Equal Partners

In an industry which is known for cost-cutting and increasing profit margins, it is hard to imagine how quality could come first. The Design & Build (D&B) division at Deutsche Werkstätten, responsible for an increasing number of architectural projects, is proud to do be doing things differently. Here quality does come first.

The underlying aim at Deutsche Werkstätten is to form a partnership with the client and the sub-contracted companies in which all three parties pursue the common goal of creating a quality product.  The client knows what is required, Deutsche Werkstätten provide a clear and transparent budget (including detail of their own management fee) and the sub-contractors know they will be paid a fair price. It is a win-win-win situation. At the end of the process a shared sense of accomplishment and pride will prevail. Jens Kulzinski points out that while the interests of the client come first, there are still limits. “We always respect the law and if there are ethical concerns, we reserve the right to say no.”

Final solution accomplished through close cooperation © Photo: soenne.com © Innenarchitektur ka klein associates KG