3-D-Bearbeitung eines Einbauelements im Projekt Bibliothek London, 2012, © Deutsche Werkstätten

At the Helm

Fritz Straub has been running Deutsche Werkstätten since 1992, longer than expected and more successfully than he could have imagined. He can think of many other examples of business ownership that did not turn out so well. “There are owners who have trouble handing over responsibility and are unable to step back.” Straub is convinced that when the time comes, he, on the other hand, will have no problem letting go. “I am passionate about my work, but I never let it take control and I know how to keep a healthy distance.”

Fritz Straub, Managing Director and Partner © Photo: PR DW/Gene Glover

Although he is well aware of the importance of his role at Deutsche Werkstätten, he can picture himself one day stepping down and passing the baton.  In fact, he considers it a personal responsibility to the company to find his own successor and has no qualms accepting the fact that this successor may do things differently and perhaps even better.