Jan Jacobsen

The MD with an eye for good design

Jan Jacobsen, Managing Director of Deutsche Werkstätten, is often referred to as the ‘Foreign Minister’ within the company. While he acknowledges his passion for languages and building relationships, he is keen to stress that “Contacts alone are not enough. We work in a tight knit niche market where we know one another and treat each other with respect. Continued success in this environment is the result of the work of many hands and minds, each with their own responsibility and specialisation, over many years.” His education and professional background - Architectural Studies in England and Germany plus 20 years professional experience as an architect in London, Paris, New York, Berlin and Frankfurt - make him the perfect partner for designers and architects as well as clients and shipyards. With the move to Deutsche Werkstätten in 2009, Jan Jacobsen was able to pursue his love of interiors, operating at the ‘top end’ of what is a truly exclusive market. “It felt like the perfect fit! As an architect I enjoy seeing designers, shipyard workers and our craftsmen collaborate to create a bespoke solution fulfilling the clients wish for a unique product”.

“Of course, our projects are about crafting perfect interiors, but it is just as much about the people. Each finished project reflects the personality of its owner.” What is often a very personal relationship that develops with the client requires empathy and understanding. Jan Jacobsen is always well prepared. He makes it his job to ‘know’ the Client, and better understand his or her needs. In contract negotiations he is often the only one to raise a design issue, and, more often than not, the message gets across. His counterparts can feel reassured that there is somebody at the table who is thinking beyond costs and technical details and has a view on the final outcome.

“The aim is to build an honest and lasting relationship that can extend throughout the project and, sometimes, way beyond.”