Dresden for European Capital of Culture 2025!

The loungers are still free from which the Dresdeners can relax and look forward to the title of European Capital of Culture. This honour is still a long way off, with the first steps only being taken at the beginning of this year. At the time, due to Pegida, protests against migrants and the consequent confrontations, it was clear that Dresden was not only a city of high culture but also of conflicts. The way in which diversity can be dealt with became more and more the focus of interest. Dresden is a city of diversity in which worlds sometimes collide making Dresden exemplary for many German cities and conurbations. Dresden would like to face this challenge. Culture should be the bridge via which understanding is possible - and also confrontation. We believe this is the right way and support the initiative. Our managing director, Fritz Straub, has even become an ambassador for the application. We also join the citizens of Dresden, who are now called upon to fill the bid for the "European Capital of Culture 2025" with life. Click here to find out more: https://buergerbeteiligung.sachsen.de/portal/dresden/beteiligung/archiv/1000885