Thanks to the Heart and Head

More than 20 years ago, based on some old farmers’ calendar, we chose the end of August for our summer party. On this date, it is always supposed to be nice. Nobody knows today which calendar it was exactly which made the forecast or why we decided on the basis of it at all, but it's true: The last Thursday in August has almost always been warm, sunny and mild. On this day each year we welcome guests from Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. The Deutsche Werkstätten staff stand behind the grills, bars and salad counters, they take care of all the little side issues that contribute to the success of a great party. They support the caterers in their work before then devoting themselves to their families again who also celebrate with us. The contribution of their commitment and good humor is essential to the success of the evening, and therefore they should be thanked publicly at this point.

Without the help of its wonderful staff, the company would be nothing, neither professionally nor personally. Here’s a loud thanks to all those who work for the company with heart, head and hands on.


Photos: Tobias Kandt