From someone who left the nest - Andreas reports on his Erasmus placement

When, about half a year ago, I read in the journal ꞌDeutschen Handwerks Zeitungꞌ that you can also participate in the Erasmus program (www.erasmusplus.de) as a trainee, my interest was immediately aroused. I was hoping for a lot of new experiences and, of course, also looked forward to getting to know other regions. - In the end my hopes were surpassed.

To broaden my horizon as a craftsman, I deliberately looked for a company that is different from Deutsche Werkstätten. Ultimately I chose the wood workshop Markus Faisst in Austrian Hittisau (www.holz-werkstatt.com), a small family-owned business with seven carpenters that manufactures furniture exclusively from regional hardwood.

In the Bregenz Forest in Hittisau, I was made to feel very welcome and quickly got to know all the colleagues and their families. During the first week I was shown the processes and manufacturing techniques in the company. I was pleased to be able to use my experience from the first year of my apprenticeship to manufacture chairs, tables, bookcases and other furniture.

In the second week I got a personal assignment: a bookcase with seven sliding elements made of beech with felt surfaces. I started directly with the drawing and finished the project with the assembly in the fifth week. In the meantime, I also had the opportunity to gain experience at the sawmill and with the cooper. Outside work there was always something going on. I had a lot of experiences and met many great people.

At the conclusion of the six-week stay I was able to build a piece of furniture just for me, which was then sent to my hometown of Löbau. It is a sideboard made of oak on which all the corners are made with dovetail joints. The four drawers are covered with natural felt and an integrated oak leaf makes the furniture unique.

The internship has helped me make a lot of progress and I can only recommend taking part in the Erasmus programme. I certainly had a lot of luck with my placement company, and here I would like to thank them once again. I also want to say thanks to the people responsible at Deutsche without whose support it would not have been possible.

Andreas Graf



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