In touch with the V&A

When we were asked this year by the world famous Victoria and Albert Museum in London, if we could contribute material for an exhibition about the great ocean liners, we were amazed at the importance of our company in the field of historic ship interiors. The extent of the company’s work in this area in the 20th century was not entirely clear to us at that time. We wrote a report about it all in May. When it turned out that we can now make a vital contribution to an exhibition on "plywood", we were quite proud. Of course, we knew that an interest in new things, inventing and problem solving is firmly anchored in the DNA of the company, but this enquiry confirmed the findings in a delightful way. Since time immemorial, Deutsche Werkstätten have been interested in troubleshooting and from the early days until well into the 1930’s worked on innovative wood-based materials. The most noteworthy results of this inventiveness are likely to be the cross-laminated block board, moulded laminated veneer and maybe even chipboard - all pioneering developments for international furniture manufacture and interior outfitting. The Victoria and Albert Museum finds this worthy of exhibiting and we share that view with pleasure.

Photo/Source: Ocean Liner New York and Boissevain, Sächsisches Hauptstaatsarchiv/ Deutsche Werkstätten