Everything under one roof – Deutsche Werkstätten rises to the challenge

They say that you grow with your responsibilities. Sometimes this also applies to a whole team who rise to the challenge and accomplish outstanding achievements. This could describe what has happened to us in recent years in our work on the large, private construction projects. After finishing a 3,000m² residence in 2013, we were awarded the contract for a private residence of 5,000 m² over 6.5 floors. The entire, extremely sophisticated and luxurious interior design had to be managed and integrated into the building construction. Our colleagues in the execution planning department had their hands full. In addition, all the different trades had to be coordinated and significant changes in a very complex construction project had to be both communicated and implemented during the construction period. The extremely exacting bespoke interior was, of course, realized in-house. A total of 133 companies from 10 nations were involved in the construction. 700 different specialists worked on the site in 2015, 90 to 120 daily. Truly a great project of superlatives! The required effort pushed us once again to our limits and beyond. The project manager says: "Of course, I'm proud. I’ll never have the chance to work on such a project again." He shouldn’t be too sure about that. There is always room for improvement - higher, wider, bigger and, of course, better. Although the latter is doubtful: This project is almost perfect.