Face to Face with Fine Art
An Invitation to Talk to Ursula Sax on 31 March 2016 at 3pm

You don’t normally find any announcements here, there are usually insights into our work. There may also be notices that we attach particular importance to. In this current feature both can be found: Our work and the event.

As you may have noticed, there is a public gallery in Deutsche Werkstätten’s new company building. This symbolizes not only the company’s close contact to art: It also affects our everyday work. Again and again we are confronted with new, challenging and stimulating exhibitions. Acceptance, rejection, discussion, joy and anger - everything is possible in this context, but rarely boredom or ignorance. For this reason, we provide our colleagues the opportunity during each exhibition to chat with the artist. This time we would like to open the event to everyone. You, too, are cordially invited.

Ursula Sax' name has very good resonance in the international art scene. Her works are disturbing, exciting and sometimes perplexing. If, in general, the standard of the exhibition landscapes created by Colin Ardley in the gallery is already very high, it has been surpassed with the presentation of "Model & Reality - Ursula Sax". Ms. Sax’ gallerist, Semjon Semjon certainly played a role in this, too. All those involved will be present on 31 March.

Exhibition: Model & Reality

Present: Ursula Sax, Semjon Semjon, Colin Ardley

31 March 2016 at 3pm

Werkstättengalerie in the new company building of Deutsche Werkstätten, Moritzburger Weg 68, 01109 Dresden

Photos: Lothar Sprenger