Deutsche Werkstätten specializes in the interior outfitting of rooms but is also a competent partner for a great deal more, right up to comprehensive turn-key projects.

Our clients might commission external designers or architects, alternatively they ask us to find suitable experts for their project. This is usually quite easy for us as we have worked with numerous renowned designers in the past. Either way, we then coordinate the design process in close consultation with the client. And every now and then, the design comes directly from us, as was the case with this library.

Cabinetmaking is still at the heart of our business today, although we have now become a manufacturer of modernity. The proportion of manual work is still very high, however, in addition to the sanding blocks, we also use modern computer-aided processing centres. It is a similar story with regards to the materials: we are, of course, very capable of processing wood, but now also have extensive experience with metal, stone and modern synthetic materials. The result is always a perfectly crafted interior, a state-of-the-art product.


Product Development
Our outfitting projects constantly throw up new challenges and demand new solutions for furniture, wall panelling and fittings as well as for the integration of electronic systems. Parallel to this we are also often entrusted with the development and technical support for custom-made products, such as this bar unit.

Design Engineering
In high-end interior outfitting, especially in the world of luxury yachts, it’s all about bespoke interiors of outstanding quality. Both the design and the technology impose particularly high demands. The concepts in the designs have to be translated into concrete workshop drawings which are the basis for fabrication. This involves technical feasibility, specialized solutions and the realization of even the most extraordinary ideas. Our design engineers have been working with high-performance 3D software for many years and in this area we are pioneers in our industry. The project teams are usually capable of solving all problems arising over the course of a project, however, they know they can count on the support of our research and development department, if necessary.


Project Management
In many projects, we take on the role of general contractor and coordinate the outfitting of complete premises. Deutsche Werkstätten D&B specializes in the management of complex construction projects, including the coordination of all the various trades and suppliers involved. In order to achieve this, we have competent architects and site managers as part of our team.


Our subsidiary Deutsche Werkstätten Lebensräume plans, manages and supplies commercial and private projects with leading brand-name furniture and other home accessories.