The discreet charm of symmetry

Villa Usovo, Moscow

Deutsche Werkstätten services:
Interior furnishing

Completion 2007


Had you asked us five years ago where Usovo was, we probably would have only shrugged our shoulders. Today we know that Usovo is a Moscow neighbourhood of fine living. One in which we realised the interior finishing of a villa belonging to a Russian client who wishes to remain anonymous, a wish we certainly respect. We therefore came to refer to this residence by the working title of ‘Villa Usovo’. Working together with Moscow-based project manager Vitaly Porokhov, the entire design came to life through the pens of London-based interior designers Keech Green. Particularly impressive is how the hand-drawn sketches brought the villa to life room by room, down to the smallest detail, long before any tradesmen ever set foot in one. The proclivity for symmetry in conjunction with geometrical forms is unmistakable here as an essential design element. Just as dominant is the use of mahogany, otherwise only ever typically found today as a veneer. Its red shade and structure asserts a very aesthetic touch. An effect punctuated all the more so by combining it with metal elements of polished nickel.

The villa, which extends over two floors, is not just a private realm but also needs to gallantly host many prestigious functions. In order to afford a harmonious overall style, central design elements are carried throughout the entire residence. From the floor line patterns to the spatially-consistent panelling to the ceiling profiles, orchestrating all these elements called for the highest precision. Incidentally, the ‘Villa Usovo’ was the first project ever realised by Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau in Moscow. While we did have to adjust our optimistic German timetable to the local realities, we can all relate to the notion of “when in Rome…”. In fact, we’ve now had a branch office in Moscow, DWRUS, for more than a year. Together with DWInterior, we have meanwhile also established a second subsidiary to realise smaller production and fabrication jobs on-site. We look forward to presenting further gems born from our Russian ventures to you very soon. 



Text: Helga Falkenstein
Photo: Frank Herfort