Dresden Packaging Experts

Company building Theegarten, Dresden

Services by Deutsche Werkstätten:
Interior Design, Interior Outfitting

Completion 2015


Who would have thought that the world's fastest packaging machines for small pieced confectionery are produced in Saxony. The company Theegarten-Pactec is a so called hidden champion - relatively unknown in the public sphere but within the industry it is known as a market leader. Based in Dresden, Theegarten-Pactec develops, manufactures and sells packaging equipment to the world. And with great success. Starting in spring 2014 with completion in time for the 80th anniversary of the company, a new office and production complex was built in several phases with the intention in the long term of improving even further the quality of production and the organization of work on site. During the planning great importance was given to the fact that the new buildings are not only modern and functional, but are also experienced as pleasant and stimulating places to work and spend time.

Deutsche Werkstätten were commissioned to design the representative entrance area and the break rooms for the employees in the new office building. The project was coordinated by Deutsche Werkstätten Lebensräume, a subsidiary of Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau, which specializes in the design of office space and the wholesale of quality furnishings. However, the contract included not only the selection of furniture and fittings, but also diverse design services and as well as the coordination of all the handwork trades involved. The curved reception counter in the entrance hall of the office building was, for example, specially designed for Theegarten-Pactec and boasts an elegant combination of real wood veneer with a modern mineral material which is excellent for the creation of sophisticated 3D elements due to its exceptional thermal formability. The surface material used is also partially translucent so that the light band integrated into the counter causes a very special effect.

Deutsche Werkstätten also designed the break areas in the new building. Starting with a clear colour-material-light concept, a canteen was produced in discreet tone-in-tone contrasts, a harmonious atmosphere that invites you to linger. The interior is simple and yet elegant, the integration of technology high class. Everything is accessible, nothing seems fraught. Break rooms have been set up on three floors of the building which are used by employees, primarily for breakfast, but also for informal meetings. The design for the coffee points and the tables came from our colleagues in the design department of Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau. A thick old oak veneer, full of character finished with matt lacquer gives the large dining tables the character of solid wood. The use of grained wood on the edges emphasizes this impression.

Even the outdoor area received a lot of attention. In warm weather, the patio can be used as an extension of the ground-floor cafeteria area. The solid outdoor furniture is a combination of sealed, concrete table tops and wooden topped benches in an elegant triad of grey, white and brown. A deliberately reduced but at the same accent setting planting completes the overall picture.

Theegarten-Pactec took into account the interests of employees in the construction of the new office building from the outset. The result speaks for itself - inside and out - and we are pleased to have contributed a significant part. For committed companies who want to create unique working and living spaces, Deutsche Werkstätten is the ideal partner.



Text: Deutsche Werkstätten
Photo: Sven Döring