Overview Yacht Projects

Interior yacht furnishings by Deutsche Werkstätten

Completion 2013


Sometimes new ideas come from first falling flat on your face. Because struggling back to one’s feet again is always accompanied by a questioning of one’s previously held principles. Or the exploring of new options to help get back into the running.

The Deutsche Werkstätten made this experience in 1998. News of a commission that certainly seemed to represent a solid medium-term future made the rounds of our company a good full year beforehand: The Deutsche Werkstätten was awarded the design development work on a “business train” for the national Deutsche Bahn five years after the company’s denationalisation. The “Metropolitan” was to operate non-stop between Cologne and the Hanseatic city of Hamburg as competition to Lufthansa’s Business Class. Great idea, but terrible timing. Because low-cost flights came into vogue right at that time and Deutsche Bahn soon had to jettison its Metropolitan plans. Instead of the 50 trains as expected, the workshops developed just two. Once we got over the initial shock came the reflections. “What have we learned from this project?” The answer was quick and keen: With the Metropolitan, the Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau had ventured into the designing of mobile spaces. And had gained valuable experience in terms of the use of materials, factoring in space requirements, safety standards and the challenges of new technological solutions. 

It wasn’t too great of a leap from the interior furnishing of trains to the interior furnishing of yachts. After approaching various German shipyards, the workshop was given its first small order from Lürssen Werft. The final result was so well-received that the Hellerau workshop ended up with a foot in the door into the world of exclusive yacht interiors. Since 1998, interiors for 18 megayachts have been manufactured in Hellerau, even the ones of the now longest yacht worldwide. The Deutsche Werkstätten has meanwhile become one of the world’s market leaders in this very exclusive niche segment. And continues to grow. All thanks to the Deutsche Bahn!

Text: Deutsche Werkstätten
Photo: Deutsche Werkstätten