Theater am Goetheplatz, Bremen

Construction, production and installation in auditorium

Completion 2004


The citizens of Bremen love their theatre; its renovation was followed with keen interest throughout the North German city. The theatre, now finished, is one of the cultural centrepoints of Bremen and is undoubtedly deserving of this prominent status. We have played a key role in the renovation and modernisation of one or two theatre auditoriums in the past. None less than the “Gewandhaus” in Leipzig and the “Semperoper” in Dresden to be precise. We therefore entered into the renovation project in Bremen with the relevant experience and expertise, paying particular attention to the acoustic, air conditioning, ventilation and technical aspects of the auditorium.
The architects began by raising the ceiling of the hall and treated it as a sculptural shell. The three-dimensional space incorporated the lighting gantries, which we, in our role as executors of the installation work, had to take into consideration in exactly the same way as the curved, wooden panelling for the harp-shaped galleries. Our core competence – the loving, expert handling of wood – was put to the ultimate test when it came to the wall panelling. The untreated panels, made from wenge wood and only featuring in black in the stalls, are contrasted with embedded brass inlays. This not only looks good – it is also an intelligent solution to the challenge of producing an “integrated seam design” in what appears to the visitor to be a homogeneous wall surface. The wall panelling is very tall and very weighty in order to meet the acoustic specifications. In spite of this, we affixed them to self-supporting steel constructions. This was the only way to disguise the lighting channels that are necessary for the daily technical running of the theatre. The other technical elements were treated in a similar fashion: the sound desk was integrated in front of the stalls, whilst the lighting desk was incorporated into the first-floor gallery. This extremely complex project presented us with yet another challenge due to the historic nature of the building, particularly in terms of wooden elements. Everything had to meet acoustic specifications. And the realisation of our workmanship was of course expected to be of supreme quality. We delivered this quality; everything in Bremen was fine-tuned to the very last note.

Text: Rainer Baginski
Photo: DFZ/ Jörg Landsberg, TAG