Developed in Hellerau: TASADOR – the Werkstätten humidor

TASADOR – the Werkstätten humidor

Deutsche Werkstätten services:
Design, development, manufacturing

Completion 2011


“Eating and sleeping are the only activities that should be allowed to interrupt a man’s enjoyment of his cigar.”

Any passionate cigar smoker will certainly agree unreservedly with this quote from Mark Twain. For Deutsche Werkstätten, this was the guiding principle in the design and manufacture of a humidor, true to the maxim: “Cigars, too, have the right to an aesthetic and yet functional home.” And since Deutsche Werkstätten specialises in elegant interiors such as libraries and cigar rooms, TASADOR – the Werkstätten humidor – has ended up as a ‘built-in’ item of furniture.
The front of the humidor can be made to match the décor of almost any room. The photographs above show a highly-lacquered macassar facade. The client can additionally specify the size of the humidor. However, the maximum dimensions are around 90 centimetres wide, 1.8 metres high and 60 centimetres deep, which provides space for at least 3000 cigars.
A special feature of the TASADOR is the patented design of the humidifying elements made from so-called ceramic foam, which was exclusively developped and manufactured with scientists from Dresden. By using this ceramic foam and a food-grade water additive, the life of the humidifying elements is lengthened appreciably; this also ensures a consistently good and hygienically perfect climate.
The humidor has three drawers which open completely automatically. The bottom drawer houses the working components of the installation, i.e. the humidification and air circulation unit together with the controls. This technology has been developed by aficionado Marc André in collaboration with Deutsche Werkstätten. The two upper drawers are configured as pull-out shelves in which the cigars can be stored in their own cigar boxes. Storage trays for loose cigars are supplied in three different sizes and have a corrugated, perforated base, thus guaranteeing optimum air humidity.
These trays are complemented by utensil trays. Here, cigar cutters and matches are stored right next to the cigars.
Spanish cedar wood has traditionally been favoured in the manufacture of humidors for the way it imparts its aroma to the cigars. However, experience has shown the Deutsche Werkstätten that a humidor made entirely of Spanish cedar tends to condense essential oils. This phenomenon can lead to the cigars becoming sticky and unusable. For this reason, the interior of the TASADOR is made from sapele mahogany. To provide the aroma, replaceable inserts made from Spanish cedar are built into the humidor. These can be readily exchanged if, over the years, the aroma diminishes.

Text: Deutsche Werkstätten
Photo: Sven Döring