T-Gallery, Bonn

Construction, production and installation of the interior fittings and custom furniture

Completion 2004


The Orion spacecraft of the 1960s is still imprinted on the minds of many people because it gave them a first glimpse far ahead into a future that was at that time distant and inconceivable. That was a good forty years ago. Today this future is approaching in leaps and bounds. We are being exposed to it more and more. One of the companies that is effectively conceptualising and helping to shape this future is the Deutsche Telekom. The T-Gallery in their Bonn headquarters demonstrates how the company is already designing the world of the future today. The T-Gallery is the place where “our plans and our visions for the very latest in communication technology are quite literally taking shape”, says Telecom chairman Kai-Uwe Ricke. More than 6,000 employees are working on new products in Europe’s leading telecommunications company. Annual investment in the future amounts to almost 900 million Euros, based on the figures for 2003. It is a logical consequence that the Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau was also impelled to look towards the future – taking the first step by collaborating with the corporate design agency Scholz & Friends Sensai. Because just like communication and information technology, architecture also has to cast a glance to what lies ahead and to convey a strong sense of the future.
We have undertaken many technological firsts during this project. Aluminium was a basic element used in our work. It was applied, for example, in the case of the three by five metre wall screens with their integrated displays: they are made of an anodised, curved aluminium sheet on a movable substructure. The reception desk where visitors to the T-Gallery are welcomed is five metres in length with a main body made of aluminium, whilst the desk top is made of wenge wood with an aluminium inlay which also incorporates a special RFID field for encoding visitors’ name tags. We created a modular conference table unit for up to 24 people (aluminium table top with a wenge wood veneer) for important meetings and innovation workshops, meaning that experts, partners and clients are able to meet in the T-Gallery to work together on designing the future.
The “digits” represent a large constructional step into the future of presentations and technology. These are cubes made of Priva-Lite, a frosted glass that appears translucent and where visitors only get a glimpse into the inner contents of the cube once they are up close to it. Apart from the latest The T-Gallery showcases a new digital world that is being developed on a continuous basis and will soon present visitors to the future forum with even more opportunities for experiencing and testing the future, in addition to the latest products and future-oriented solutions of the Deutsche Telekom.

Text: Rainer Baginski
Photo: Frank A. Ruemmele/ artur