Spreebogen Plaza, Berlin

Lobby counter and seating

Completion 1996


The Spreebogen Plaza office complex in Berlin, set amidst the Charlottenburger Spreebogen park right at the river’s edge, is a modern office building not far from the government district. The building’s style and exclusivity is eminently conveyed by its spacious entrance hall and inviting lobby. The arcing counter element dominates the visitor side of the lobby with its tapering front made of stainless steel and its overlying banana-shaped granite slab. The counter’s interior is panelled in wood, working surface and cabinets made from stained cherry wood. The curved benches are composed of many individual thin strips of cherry wood brought into their curved form in large presses and glued together into one block. The presses we employed are normally used to produce roof trusses for large wooden roofs and parts of wooden bridges. What made this job so special for Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau was working out the curves to the individual elements. Elongating the benches up to 11 meters was a great challenge for our technical designers and craftsmen, because there was no precedent for work of this size. The unusual distorting of the wood required skilled craftsmanship and a sensorial approach to its design. In furnishing the lobby, Deutsche Werkstätten produced and delivered the curved counter installation, the curved seating, the curved padded benches as well as the tables and armchairs.
The material combination of polished stainless steel, stained cherry wood, pinkish-burgundy leather seats and striking yellow padded backrests crystallises the area’s overall ambience. At the same time, by accentuating the backrest height, the curved benches serve as room dividing elements. Tables and armchairs, matched in form and material to the rest of the furnishings, complete the overall effect.

Text: Deutsche Werkstätten
Photo: Bernadette Grimmenstein