Sometimes, you need a Plan B

MY "Plan B"

Deutsche Werkstätten services:
Planning, interior furnishing

Completion 2012


In 2008, there was an unprecedented boom in the market for super yachts. One of the clearest indicators of this came with the announcement of the ‘Six Pack’, an order for half a dozen identical 70-metre yachts placed with the HDW shipyard in Kiel by a consortium of businessmen from eastern Europe. But when the financial crisis wiped out several billion dollars of assets overnight, the Six Pack job ground to a halt. All that remained was a single yacht commissioned in 2010, which is now destined to sail the high seas on its own. The name of the sole survivor reflects the circumstances of its construction: Plan B.

Based on a design from the Alberto Pinto studio in Paris, Deutsche Werkstätten fitted out three VIP cabins, four guest cabins, the captain’s cabin, the bridge, the ‘Skylounge’ and three staircases. In these areas of the boat, high-gloss lacquered maple (European, birdseye and flame) and mahogany together with black-stained ash have been predominantly used to clad the walls, cupboards and furniture. Different types of marble have been used for the various bathrooms; in one of them is a mirror that has been exquisitely handcrafted by a specialist Italian manufacturer. The main staircase connecting all three decks was put together by Deutsche Werkstätten from curved panels of woven maple veneer.

After a short construction period and an intense final spurt of activity, Deutsche Werkstätten took its leave from the Plan B in June 2012. We also said goodbye to the HDW shipyard which, because of restructuring measures, will only be building military ships ’ for the foreseeable future.

Text: Deutsche Werkstätten
Photo: Giovanni Romero /