Meditation on the open sea

MY "Vava II"

Deutsche Werkstätten services:
Planning, interior furnishing

Completion 2012


From 2010 to 2012, Deutsche Werkstätten fitted out a megayacht whose interiors bear little resemblance to traditional yacht furnishings (gloss-finish dark wood, thick-pile carpets, etcetera, etcetera). Instead, Rémi Tessier’s compelling interior design lends the VAVA II a calm, meditative atmosphere. He selected restrained materials, choosing natural finishes wherever possible (bleached real wood floors, brushed spruce panelling, woven leather flooring), and devised a spatial geometry that plays tricks on the eye. His use of mirrored surfaces, on the door frames for instance, enables closed spaces to be visually broken up and opened out, while ceilings finished in palladium (a silvery white member of the platinum group metals) reflect the water’s surface and creating a shimmering sea effect within the interior. A particular challenge for Deutsche Werkstätten was the staircase of the six-storey yacht, in which the structural and decorative elements are one and the same. It alone took twelve months to build.

Text: Deutsche Werkstätten
Photo: Chris /