Back to the roots

MY "Linda Lou"

Deutsche Werkstätten services:
Planning, interior furnishing   

Completion 2007


The ‘Linda Lou’ is now the fourth yacht which the Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau has fitted for the Lürssen Werft shipyard in Bremen. We have since become one of Lürssen’s ‘preferred suppliers’. Certainly not a blindly-bestowed accolade, but one which honours intense enthusiasm, thorough aptitude and ultimate mastery.

A ship’s interior fittings follow their own laws, magnified even greater by the high personal standards of the private owners. Each yacht is new, each is different and each is a challenge to our specialists. Our veneer department played a particularly substantial role in shaping the ‘Linda Lou’. François Zuretti envisioned an interior design interplay as complicated as it was harmonious in a lavish blending of different burl woods from A for Amazaque to S for Swiss pearwood.  

But even the finest rootstock veneers have imperfections which have to be manually patched with small punched fragments. It’s not unusual to have more than thirty punched fragments per square meter. In order to underscore the regal character, the surfaces were lacquered with a closed-pore high-gloss varnish and then manually buffed, in other words polished anew, to yield their brilliant mirror finish. The onyx panels flaunt a similar lustre. This semi-precious stone, which we acquired in Italy in transparent as well as honey-coloured hues, complements the medley of luxurious materials so representative of the ‘Linda Lou’.     

Text: Helga Falkenstein
Photo: Stephane Brarin