Mission possible

MY "Al Salamah"

Completion 1999


The 140 meter (459 feet) long Al Salamah will always hold a special place in the hearts of the Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau craftsmen. This project was the key to unlocking the doors to the world of superyacht interiors for DWH. In 1999, just seven years after the denationalisation of the company, Deutsche Werkstätten was commissioned to create the interiors for the VIP cabin of this 140 meter long beauty. These chambers for truly important guests include a lobby, a stateroom, a dressing room with integrated walk-in closet, a private bathroom and a study. Of traditional design, the interior features whitewashed oak wall panels with antique silver accents. White varnished ceilings and drapes adorned with classic English patterns complete the opulence.
As a neophyte to the highly-complex world of yacht interiors, Deutsche Werkstätten took the project name for what would later be christened the Al Salamah to heart: “Mipos” – meaning “mission possible”. DWH so masterfully accomplished this mission that the Skat motor yacht became the company’s very next commission.



Text: Deutsche Werkstätten
Photo: Alexander Otto | SuperYachtPhoto.com