The quest for the perfect veneer

MY "Abdul Aziz"

Completion 2001


Built in England in 1984, the 147 meter (482 feet) long Abdul Aziz superyacht underwent a complete overhaul in 2001. The Deutsche Werkstätten was involved in the work of refitting the owner’s deck. Since all the remodelling had to be done within just four months, there were four interior fitters commissioned to work on just the owner’s deck alone. Over the course of the project, DWH sent eleven carpenters to the shipyard in Greece to ensure its just-in-time delivery.

Among the work assigned to the Deutsche Werkstätten was the owner‘s living area, sleeping quarters, bathroom and dressing room. Apart from its precision carpentry work, DWH also had to strip and document the original interior installations and then re-integrate existing components such as the housing technology.

Sourcing the owner’s desired veneer posed a special challenge all its own. The original design made use of Wengé. The owner now wanted to replace this very dark wood with yew wood. Yew trees have a great many branches and yet the veneer in the owner’s private quarters was to have the appearance of as few branches as possible. And thus the Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau set off on its quest for veneer to meet this requirement. While in Berlin, the DWH project manager not only found the trunk of an 800-year-old yew tree from England which was absolutely perfect, but also managed to convince the veneer dealer to part with his long-hoarded treasure for the Abdul Aziz.

Text: Deutsche Werkstätten
Photo: Lawrence Dalli |