Mast Jägermeister souvenir bus

Design, construction, manufacturing and assembly

Completion 2001


Mast Jägermeister AG, Wolfenbüttel, has turned to Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau on more than one occasion for their interior design projects. This time, Jägermeister envisaged the redesign of their mobile souvenir shop. The philosophy was that if customers can’t come to the many cult-like Jägermeister souvenirs, the souvenirs will just have to come to them. The new fan bus shows up at large gatherings, supermarkets and all types of events. The fan bus started life as a 1980s American school bus. It was bought as scrap for Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau to design its transformation based on the following guidelines: 1. Weather indifference; i.e. sales are only made inside the vehicle itself. 2. This necessitated an additional side door in order to regulate the flow of traffic from front to back and avoid having customers going through the staff area. Both doors are accessed by fold-out stairs. 3. The colour theme had to keep to Jägermeister’s corporate identity. 4. The fittings within the bus had to be rugged and sturdy. 5. The souvenirs should feature prominently. The locking display cases exhibit the goods in such a way that there is no need to take them out. The drawers below offer a great deal of storage; their handles being loops of leather so as to prevent any injuries. The curvatures of the display cases and edges are in perfect correspondence to the outer contours of the bus, a property also reflected in the curved coat rack and in the configuration of the counter. The body of the display case was constructed of stained cross-laid oak veneer. Extra details such as the skirting, lighting and edges are all made of aluminium. And ready to hit the road.

Text: Rainer Baginski
Photo: Bernadette Grimmenstein