A new home for Rudi and Ralph

Mast Jägermeister AG’s new administrative building

Deutsche Werkstätten services:
Planning, project management, interior furnishing

Completion 2005


The two jovial stags known as Ralph and Rudi have helped to bring the Jägermeister name to a new, high-flying prominence. In just under seven years, they have succeeded in not only doubling sales, but moving the brand into a 13th place ranking among premium spirits worldwide, with the coveted No. 10 spot now clearly within reach. Back home in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, things were getting a little crowded.
With the Braunschweig office of Struhk Architects designing Mast-Jägermeister AG’s new company headquarters, we were brought on board to plan and realise the interior design. Unlike in the Jägermeister advertising campaigns, there were no aspirations to make dramatic trendy statements. A concept was developed in close co-operation with the clients, one intended to convey frankness and tradition in modern garb. Dark-stained oak calls to mind oaken liqueur barrels while avoiding any hint of stodginess. Distinct forms, precise contours, combinations of choice materials and smart space partitioning make the areas unmistakable. The effect of the interior design could be constantly monitored as an ever-growing representative office took shape. Special office modules were developed. The different office areas are combinations of the same elements, which can be rearranged over and over again as needed – another requirement for extreme flexibility. One is certainly aware that each area has been thoroughly worked out down to the last detail. All convey a special, company-specific atmosphere. The lighting design, a spirited interaction of light and colours, plays a prominent role. The adjustable oak partitions in the foyer are accented by subtle elements of light, while the optical patterns emitted by the bands of lights lining the floors of the hallways, filled with shards of glass from Jägermeister bottles, also provide a stunning effect. The sparkling green is advanced as a colour accent similar to the orange highlights in the kitchenettes. Surfacing again and again, both colours are part and parcel of the company’s corporate design master. The rooms are all infused with the unmistakable mark of the Jägermeister brand, quickly lending the setting a comfortable, relaxed air. 

Text: Deutsche Werkstätten
Photo: Bernadette Grimmenstein