Why it is so beautiful on the Rhine...

Marriott World Conference Hotel, Bonn

Completion 2016


If there’s one place connected to the post-war era of the Federal Republic, then it’s the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven, Bonn. The once sleepy town became an international political hot spot where not only the "Bonn Republic" as an expression of a new German democracy reinvented itself, but also where world politics took place. The appointment of Berlin as the capital of the re-united Germany and the related relocation of important administrative offices were connected with uncertainty. A loss of importance loomed. This was prevented by a clever resettlement and the restructuring of various international organizations. This includes, for example, the prioritisation or reinstallation of some sub-organizations and secretariats of the United Nations. In addition, in the future an increased number of United Nations conventions are to be held on the Rhine. Bonn has since then not become less important, but is rapidly becoming a much-used international venue as well as a multinational work place. The infrastructure of the city also contributes to this, some very sophisticated hotels have been built, e.g. the Kameha Grand. We were asked to take on the outfitting for this in the year 2009. The Kameha is oriented to meet the needs of an international and highly demanding clientele in every way. The same contractor also asked us to invest our energy in his new Bonn project, the hotel of the future "World Congress Center Bonn" (WCCB).

At that time, the outer shell of the WCCB had stood finished next to the Rhine for quite a few years. For a long time it was unclear who would take on the responsibility for this building. When the decision for an experienced investor was made, everything moved very quickly. In 2014, we got involved in the planning for the 336 rooms, 300 of which are in the standard version and 36 are suites, two of which are extremely luxurious presidential suites. In addition to this, there were also parts of the restaurant, public areas and meeting rooms as well as the reception and lounge areas. In 2014, we began the planning, in 2016, the finished result was handed over. The hotel's design reflects the decisive episodes of the Bonn Republic. Each group of floors are dedicated to a definite era, the then influential personalities are the themes of the levels. Even the small details in the rooms subtly refer to the fashion, art and culture of the time. The architect and designer Thomas Müller, Cologne, implemented the thematic connection wisely and moderately.

For the project we were responsible for everything from the execution planning to the handover of the finished rooms. This showed, once again, the ability of Deutsche Werkstätten to combine different areas of competence. Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau GmbH took on the design, manufacture and installation of fitted furnishings and bespoke furniture down to the complementary details such as interior textiles and wall coverings. Deutschen Werkstätten Lebensräume GmbH supplied loose furniture for large sections of the hotel with exclusively high-end products by renowned international manufacturers being used. This project shows the vast range of tasks the company is capable of. In addition to the luxurious interior outfitting of yachts and private residences, very sophisticated and challenging large-scale projects have been carried out successfully, also those which involve serial production. The quality requirements of the project play a prominent role. We do not do mediocrity. Only the top segment of hotels may benefit from the company's services. The appropriate coordination of various components is the key to success. Deutsche Werkstätten worked in Bonn with the support of international suppliers whose products were incorporated into the overall result. Now, the conference participants from around the world can look forward to an outstanding hotel that presents its high standards in the rooms confidently. This is another reason why "it is so beautiful on the Rhine", as the title of a German folk song goes.

Text: DWH
Photo: © Bonn Marriott World Conference Hotel