Big Ben in Moscow

Legend of Tsvetnoy, Moscow

Deutsche Werkstätten services:
Interior design, planning, interior furnishing

Completion 2012


It was the name filtering through from those close to the project that first fired imaginations back home in Dresden. “Legend of Tsvetnoy” had an intriguing and mysterious ring to it. In the end, there was a rather more prosaic explanation: Tsvetnoy Bul’var is one of the main boulevards in Moscow city centre and “Legend of Tsvetnoy” is simply one of the buildings on it. The project itself remained intriguing all the same.

Deutsche Werkstätten’s task was to design a suite of offices within the building for a company owner and his approximately 60 employees, to coordinate all on-site work and to fit out and furnish the interiors. The specifications for the boss’s office posed a particular challenge: gloss walnut grain finishes for the walls and furniture, a large integral aquarium, two concertina doors that give access to a walk-in wardrobe and – the pièce de résistance – a wall clock above the desk with a face mimicking that of Big Ben. It was manufactured by porcelain company Meissen, who also painted on the numerals and decorative structure.

In addition, Deutsche Werkstätten created furnishings for the office of the director’s personal assistant and for the conference room, including standalone furniture and a conference table respectively, and fitted out the staff offices and the offices for the second tier of directors. Nine months before being installed in Moscow, the interior of one of the latter could be seen on our production floor in Germany. This full-size mock-up helped the client with his decision-making, allowing him to see how the different materials combined in real life and to try out different furniture in advance.  

Text: Deutsche Werkstätten
Photo: Sven Döring