How one won

KfW Banking group, Frankfurt/Main

Completion 2005


Because more often than not the deciding factor is price and not quality, we rarely take part in open, European-wide bids. But, as always, exceptions define the rule. One such pleasant surprise was the call for bids on developing the KfW banking group’s main building located by Frankfurt am Main’s Palmengarten. This project encompassed the standard offices, the entire executive domain including all dining areas with all fittings, the conference rooms as well as the corridors featuring extensive wall panelling of steamed, striated Norway maple veneer. 700 cabinets needed to be crafted. An undertaking like no other calling for machine-made quality. The leather inlays in the aluminium-clad desks likewise required just as precise manual crafting. Since we are specialised in both realms and also have an appreciation for expediently combining both procedures, it verged on being the most ideal commission possible. We could tender an economical bid and at the same time remain true to our standards of quality. Of course, this project additionally encompassed utterly new ideas and designs. Such as the perforation of the acoustic panelling in the large conference hall. Nothing to write home about when realised in wood, perhaps, but we have yet to come across any other such minute perforations of aluminium sheets. Yet, in the end, we won our client over with our workmanship and the manner in which we combined these most diverse types of materials.  

Text: Deutsche Werkstätten
Photo: Tomas Riehle