Kempinski Hotel Taschenbergpalais, Dresden

Interior fittings, Kurfürstensaal {grand hall}

Completion 1994


Taschenbergpalais is one of Dresden’s largest and most exquisite palaces. Discussions began in 1989 on restoring Taschenbergpalais to its original 1760 splendour. A special challenge facing Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau was the work involved in fashioning the Kurfürstensaal (grand hall) into what it looks like today. This work involved roughly 280 square metres of panelling with wide material insets, single- and double-winged doors as well as a fully-automatic movable partition surfaced in white-stained birch wood with a silk matte lacquer. The trio of 4-winged entranceway elements feature a stained myrtle rootstock veneer on both sides, mirrored cross-joint and enhanced by a band of intarsia inlay. All door surfaces were reeled off one and the same myrtle rootstock tuber. The work performed by the various different trades took place at pre-defined room axes based on the peripheral concrete walls. One could even say that a “room within a room” was created here. The interior architectural design was entrusted to AB Living Design in Djursholm, Sweden. The interior construction services provided by Deutsche Werkstätten encompassed the construction and realisation of the panelling, hall doors, partition elements and white elements in the Kurfürstensaal. The Kurfürstensaal, which features dimensions of 32 x 6 metres, is used as a multi-functional room. Practical priorities of the work focused on noise reduction and fire safety.

Text: Deutsche Werkstätten
Photo: Jörg Schöner