International Congress Center, Dresden

Design consultation, coordinating the construction documentation, realisation of the interior construction

Completion 2004


The spirit blows wherever it pleases, so the saying. It has obviously always been very pleased by Dresden. The beauty of this city arises from the harmonious interplay of nature and, yes, spirit; nature in the form of the Elbe landscape winding through its confines, spirit in the form of the ornate townscape set off against the river and lastly perfected in the International Congress Center. Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau was commissioned by the architects to provide the interior design and furnishings for the Congress Center and was also brought into the design consultation and job planning process. Deutsche Werkstätten left its mark in the restaurant, the large conference hall (which can be partitioned off with room dividers), in the meeting rooms and executive offices, at the bars and in the counter and cashier areas of the restaurant. Apart from that, the style and approach of our interior designers becomes apparent in a number of other diverse places. For instance in the large hall, where the horizontal bearing is clearly emphasised by the panelling on the curved wall. Much of the entire building complex is an interplay of light and dark. The woods used, light and dark stained oak, repeatedly pick up the theme anew, as do the floors. The meeting rooms were above all to ensure acoustic and climatic quality, yet they also add the appropriate visual touches to the overall impression. Distinctive detail: the lights of the large hall seeming to float overhead like golden orbs.

Text: Rainer Baginski
Photo: Bernadette Grimmenstein