Hotel and Casino, Saarbrücken

Lounge facilities including cooling technology and panelling

Completion 1997


From atop a supporting plate, the oval construction surges into the sky as a spiralling cone; the walls sloping seventy degrees outward are forcing the dynamics. As gamblers here often hope for divine intervention, the ceiling is decorated in a tongue-in-cheek “celestial” theme. The 22-metre long curved bar, created by Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau for the Saarbrücken casino, also plays homage to the bold sweep. The sophisticated installation, tapering downward and yet accommodating all the necessary F&B service equipment, exhibits the finishing touch of an American cherry wood veneer. The black granite bar top as well as the back-lit glass band accentuate the ellipticity. Doors and cabinets have been integrated into the red, high-gloss panels. Back-lit glass floors seem to float freely in front. Window surfaces with responsive aluminium skins announce the change of day to night. In order to give gamblers an added modicum of privacy, a room divider distracts all too curious eyes. The elliptical bar which Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau created for the Saarbrücken casino is of sophisticated design. The material stipulations of the architects required exacting attention and precision – just the sort of challenge which our employees thrive on. The creation features a curved pane of glass running between the bar top made of granite and the work area of polished grey diorite, illuminated by fluorescent lamps so as not to cast any shadows. Also, our interior fitting specialists gladly rose to the more distinctive requests: the front edge of the bar is padded with thick, high-quality black leather – and in strict compliance with the stringent rules of the upholstery trade. The curved shape to the bar plays off the bold sweep of the walls and the ceiling decoration. Well-concealed behind the elegant front of American cherry wood veneer is a fully-equipped buffet/condiment station. Doors and cabinets were integrated into the red, high-gloss wall panels. The back-bar is another visual treat: back-lit glass shelves appear to be floating freely in front of the red, high-gloss panels. A back-lit band of glass separates the bar top made from black granite from the work area of polished grey diorite. This glass highlight not only emphasises the bar’s elliptical shape, it also discreetly provides extra light for the bar personnel.

Text: Anke Müller
Photo: Bernadette Grimmenstein