60-meter-long candy-coloured mirror finish

Horus Capital, Headquarters, Moscow

Deutsche Werkstätten services:
Interior furnishing, manufacture of freestanding furniture

Completion 2008


A 60-meter long wall unit with sliding doors graces the offices of property developer Horus Capital, now in its perfect home within a renovated Stanislavsky structure of red clinker brick near downtown Moscow. Employing more than 200 people, Horus Capital occupies two oblong, T-shaped adjoining offices spanning two different buildings connected by a tunnel-like walkway.

The surface of the wall unit, the highlight of the work Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau realised for Horus, is finished in different candy colours as an ideal match to the office décor of predominantly Vitra furniture. We were entrusted with two different tasks on this job. The first order of business was to produce individual pieces of furniture for the company’s executives. Smoked acacia veneer coupled with varnished surfaces intermittently faced with glazed mirrors evolved into conference tables of various sizes and designs, sideboards – portions illuminated – as well as sliding doors, for example to closets. We also built desks with integrated magnet boards.

Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau additionally designed and crafted “cladding” for the Vitra office furniture. We created elements to frame the Vitra sideboards as well as elbows for the Vitra desks in a wide variety of formats, since each desk is offset at a different distance to the parquet floor in the walkway. These distances are bridged by correspondingly-dimensioned elbows. Precision work – and thus a tailor-fit for Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau.   

Text: Deutsche Werkstätten
Photo: Frank Herfort