Reconnecting with an old acquaintance

The Eichenhof residence in Meerbusch nearby Düsseldorf


Completion 2005


Fritz August Breuhaus de Groot – a name tailor-made for a painter of Dutch seascapes. Which the great-grandfather of the one who bore this name in fact was. Wearing his own badge of architect, de Groot’s great-grandson designed the interior of the ‘Bremen’ – the fast steamer which won the ‘Blue Riband’ award in 1929. We were commissioned to provide the interior fittings for the ‘Bremen’ – even back then, large ships could not daunt us. The working relationship between our company and this architect spanned many years. Even as far back as 1910 when he built his own house in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf. Almost one hundred years later, another family was to fall instantly in love with de Groot’s old, self-designed house. This was the house they had to have. So unfolded the saga of our getting reacquainted with our old friend by way of a completely new commission for interior design and finishing. As can be imagined, there was a lot to do, up to and including changes in the floor plan. The former patio has now been transformed into part of a large, light-flooded room. Other old and cherished details have been preserved. The result is a modern interior with historical accents, one which reflects decidedly high standards of quality. From the red glass cabinet in the bathroom to the veneer work in European cherry wood in the room claimed by the lady of the house – we are certain that Breuhaus de Groot himself would greatly enjoy his new old house.

Text: Deutsche Werkstätten
Photo: Bernadette Grimmenstein