Hanseatic Perfection

Finnlandhaus, Hamburg

Execution Planning, Production and Installation; Loose Furniture

Completion 2017


What happens when a knowledgeable building owner, an exquisite building site and a piece of architectural history come together to create something new on the spot? Respect and finesse lead to a new dimension in quality, such as the refurbishment of the Finnlandhaus built in 1966 by HPP Hentrich-Petschnigg & Partner KG, a masterpiece of engineering. When Dieter Becken, himself an architect and head of a building company, designated the 14-floor building as the new headquarters for his company, he knew what he was getting involved with. The building is listed as a historic monument and is very demanding in terms of construction technology - two reasons for a cautious person to leave it alone. Not Dieter Becken. He recognizes quality and wants perfection. For this reason, he only commissioned experts who meet his quality standards: Stephen Williams Interior Architects for the designs and Deutsche Werkstätten for the interior outfitting.


For us, it was an ideal project: early involvement in the planning stage, close cooperation with building and interior architects and a demanding client who knows how to deploy our competences. There were many challenges in the Finnlandhaus: important components of the design engineering, production and installation had to be completed in a compact six months – and that at the highest standard of interior outfitting. We were responsible for the reception area on the ground floor and floors eight to thirteen, all of which, with the exception of the thirteenth, will be used as office floors, the twelfth is an executive area. The top level serves as a conference area. Dimensional accuracy and weight were the deciding factors everywhere. The entire building is hung from the central core. Due to this special structural feature, the weight decreases from top to bottom, the fixtures cannot be suspended from the ceilings and the ceiling heights are very low. This fact didn’t make life easy, especially as the sound insulation still has to be effective. We designed and built all the wall panelling, sliding doors, counter units, built-in cupboards and in the conference area also the convector panelling and the multi-media sideboards. We also managed the work on the glass partitions, painting, parquet and carpet laying.


Now we can stand back and admire the wonderful interiors. There is atmospheric coved lighting, backlit glass office walls with large prints of the client's projects and delicate, specially manufactured floor rails on which the sliding doors run. The wall coverings are finished with sprayed acrylic, a new process that saves weight and produces a brilliant finish. The precision of the transitions between the different materials can hardly be surpassed. The dimensions of the desks are precisely matched to the wall panelling and select furniture completes the sophisticated interior fitout. This was also a contract awarded to one of our family members, Deutsche Werkstätten Lebensräume GmbH. It's a beautiful project that has challenged us and whose result makes us very proud.



Text: PR DW
Photo: © Becken Holding GmbH