Back in Paris

Apartment, Paris

Services Deutsche Werkstätten:

Interior Fit-out

Completion 2013


In 1900 Deutsche Werkstätten presented several rooms which were consistent with the linear and functional furnishing style of the founder Karl Schmidt at the World Exhibition in Paris. The company, then only two years old, travelled back to Saxony with three bronze medals that they had been awarded. It took 113 years before Deutsche Werkstätten were active in the capital and France in general again. The international designer Luis Laplace asked us to come on board for the development of an apartment on the 3rd ‘Arrondissement’.

The heart of the apartment is the five and a half metre high living room. The rest of the area is on two floors. We fabricated and installed furnishings such as the complex wall shelving that can be extensively illuminated. In front of this wall made of American walnut there are stairs, also out of American and French walnut and fitted with a bronzed brass balustrade, leading to the first floor. In addtion, all built-in cupboards, fitted TV furniture, all doors, the radiator covers, window sills and skylights were manufactured in Hellerau. The parquet flooring made of French walnut was also laid by us.

During the course of the project of around one and a half years, we also built so-called mockups of the staircase, library and doors to give the client as well as the office Laplace & Co. a detailed impression of the interplay between materials. For Luis Laplace, a native of Argentina, and his team it was the first project in Paris, although the designer came from New York to the Seine nearly a decade ago. For us it was the first project with Luis Laplace. And we are pleased that the collaboration has a direct sequel. In the French Alps, we are furnishing a chalet according to the architectural interior design of Laplace: Romanesque lightness and Germanic attention to detail seem to be not such a bad match ...

Text: Deutsche Werkstätten
Photo: Sven Döring